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Upfront! is a platform for your artistic, political and social voice. Here you can take a stance on European issues that move you and start an artistic debate. Submit a video of any form now, to show your perspective and say what you think! Exciting prizes and an international audience await you! Completely free of charge.

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Europe – Peace of Mind

The second installment of the upfront! award will focus on “Peace of Mind“.
In a time where peace was uncertain, the formation of the European Union set out to achieve just that. Ease tension and achieve peace within its borders. By connecting national interests and establishing dependencies across borders, it laid the foundation for something very important – for nothing to happen.

Since then, the European Union has set out to ease our minds on many topics, ranging from food safety to a standardized plug on the wall. In most cases, its accomplishment resulted in less – one currency used in every state and fewer complications when going on vacation over a European border.

However, in a time with many issues, ranging from the state of the world itself to humanitarian atrocities becoming more prevalent, is peace of mind really all we need?


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With upfront! we want to offer young adults the opportunity to take a videographic stand on European topics.

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Upfront! is a cooperation between the Young Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf and the Europe Direct Information Centre. 


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Upfront! Award – Vol. 1 (2019/20)

We want to thank every one of you for being upfront! – everyone that register and submitted and everyone that followed and watched.
In addition, we want to congratulate the selected filmmakers, that were shown as part of our screening and especially those picked by the upfront! jury. Congratulations to MP flydown (Milena Piccioni), Madeleina Kay, Magdalena Sigvardsson and Garden Clay. 

The four winning videos of 2020 awarded by the jury and a compilation of the award ceremony are now available to screen here.