What is upfront! about?

upfront! offers young adults from all EU countries the opportunity to take a videographic stand on European topics and to promote artistic freedom of expression. 

The competition

Upfront! is a classic video competition (with public screening, jury, award ceremony and prizes), but differs from other contests regarding the content: We expect openness, honesty, and directness. We are looking for critical social and political art and documentary videos that reflect your view of Europe and the European Union – both positive and negative. Be upfront with your opinion!

EUROPEAN Video Award

Your video must show a clear connection to Europe or the EU. Therefore you will be asked to submit a short text (600 characters max.) to express the link you have created between your video, Europe and the topic “Peace of Mind”.

Peace of mind is a state of relaxation, of internal peace. In a time where peace was uncertain, the formation of the European Union set out to achieve just that. Ease tension and achieve peace within its borders. By connecting national interests and establishing dependencies across borders, it laid the foundation for something very important – for nothing to happen.

Since then, the European Union has set out to ease our minds on many topics, ranging from food safety to a standardized plug on the wall. In most cases, its accomplishment resulted in less – one currency used in every state and fewer complications when going on vacation over a European border.

However, in a time with many issues, ranging from the state of the world itself to humanitarian atrocities becoming more prevalent, is peace of mind really all we need?


The political and social situation in which Europe and the world find themselves has never been seen before. The coronavirus clearly shows us our limits (in a double sense) and at the same time enables and forces us to think and act outside the box. The medium of video and their exchange via the Internet are currently more in demand than ever, as well as taking a stand and making strong decisions. Inside and outside, as well as on its old and new borders, Europe is facing great economic and social challenges.
– What does this mean for us?
– What do we want?
– What goals and hopes do young people in Europe have?
– Where should the journey go and what is annoying to you?
– How will and how can the future develop? 

These are only a few selected questions that need to be asked urgently and that are worthy of being questioned, especially in an artistic setting.
Upfront! is the first video competition focusing on art and documentary films for young adults on the central theme of Europe. Young people from Europe are the ones who can create new outlooks and raise their voices. Art is an essential tool for this.

Let’s be upfront!