Meet our Jury

With our award ceremony on February 20, around the corner and the jury already at work, we want to introduce our jury members. We are happy to have found this group, bringing their very different perspectives and experiences to the table.

Shinpei Takeda (1978, Osaka Japan)

is an artist and filmmaker based between Tijuana Mexico and Düsseldorf, Germany. Through a wide range of mediums, his works circulate around (anti) monumentality of memories in space and time evident in his various projects such as  “Hiroshima Nagasaki Download,” “Alpha Decay” and “Ghost Magnet Roach Motel”  His works have been shown and screened in various countries mostly in Japan, Mexico, USA, and EU.

Dr. Linnea Semmerling

is the director of the Düsseldorf Inter Media Art Institute (IMAI), a foundation dedicated to the collection, distribution, presentation and conservation of media art. She completed her PhD in Technology Studies with her dissertation Listening on Display: Exhibiting Sounding Artworks 1960s-now. Her curatorial and research interests concern socially engaged artistic practices and the relationships between technologies, institutions and the senses. 

Philip Gröning

(1959, Düsseldorf, Germany) is director and documentary filmmaker as well as media and installation artist, with numerous international awards, screenings and international museum shows. Numerous teaching activities at filmschools and the art academy Munich.
Learn more: Wikipedia/Philip_Grönin