Your next steps to take part

Do you want to submit now, or are planning to submit in this year’s upfront! award? Here are the steps necessary to take part.

First, register or login

The registration is required for submission and requires nothing more than your name, mail address, and password. Once logged in, you will be able to find the submission form on our website.

In addition, being registered means that you will be kept up to date about the submission process, deadlines, and events.
Don’t worry, we’ll keep it light.

Submission requirements

All videos must…

  • follow a documentary, or art approach (all genres allowed though)
  • address Europe, the European Union or issues related to either
  • connect to the topic peace of mind
  • be no older than two years
  • less than 15 minutes (without opening and closing credits) 
  • Technical requirements – MP4 with H.264 codec,

How to submit

Once you have logged in, you can find the submissions form in the website menu (or here). Please have the following information ready, as the submission form can not be saved or paused. 

Team information – team name, city, country
Contact information – name, address, mail, age
Video information – title, genre, length, format, language,
production year, initial release (if already released), director & age,
short description, synopsis, connection to subject, stills & poster

After completing the submission form, you will be presented with a link to the upload page. You will receive the same link via email.

Before uploading, please enter your team name and video title again.

Finally, upload your video

Do you have more questions on the upfront! award?
Visit our FAQs, email us at or contact us directly on Instagram or Facebook.