the official shortlist

Out of more than 50 videos submitted to the upfront! Award Vol. 2 the following 15 have been selected for the shortlist and will be presented on 7. May as part of the Screening and Awards Ceremony. Join us at 6:00 PM at the Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf or on our live stream.

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The following videos are on the shortlist and have the chance to be awarded one of three awards by our jury. We are happy to congratulate:

(scape)Goat (03:09) – Radu-Mihai Tanasa, Romania

If Europe were a youngster (09:38) – Hanna Czeli & YouthCommUNITY, Romania

In search of Homeland (13:26) – Flora Nemeth, Hungary

Ach So (02:37) – Polina Piddubna, Germany

Stop War (08:54) – Raul Rosca & DWBH,  Romania

Small Dreams (11:00) – Mohamad Nemer, Germany

Dehumanized (00:47) – Louis Brückner, Germany

residuo del deserto (desert residue) (07:43)  – Francesca Fabrizi, Italy 

The Stray Cats of the Dead Zone (12:55) –  Nicolas Karatzas, Cyprus

It’s all about us (6:50) – Merle Rolf & Eagles, France

Waiting In An Endless Line (04:22) – Mahmonir Shirzard, Greece

Trapped in Thought (2:17) – Charlotte Singer-Fischer, Germany

Almost Uninhabited (10:50) – Daniel Matos, Portugal

Ivangorod Report March 3rd 2022 (09:56) – Anita Kremm, Estonia

Let the sunshine in (05:11) – Eva Magdić Govedaric, Croatia/Scottland